Tuesday, February 04, 2014


We were in Adelaide yesterday, for John to see the cardiologist, so far nothing to worry about but more tests to be done. A very windy awful day and we were home by lunch time. I have found a little bit of time to sketch, another mad bird, and a shell I picked up while beach walking and a feather.I like drawing mad birds! Not a lot being done, it has been so hot and I find that very tiring. Housework is being kept up to date and a bit of stitching and reading. I do find the heat we have been having, then the cool change very sleep making, but then when I think a nap might be in order the brain takes over...what to do? Not a lot of motivation at the moment, the garden is surviving but only just, and the old dog is finding surviving hard, I will be glad when we finally get some rain, nothing for weeks and everything is so dry and dusty looking. Sorry I shouldnt moan but too much summer heat and with at least another 2 to 3 months ahead its not much fun.


Jo Murray said...

We should all do more sketching!...your's are lovely.

suziqu's thread works said...

Thanks for visiting Penny.
Oh yes this weather has been sooooo hot and dry but where we are is not too bad after what Melb. and Adelaide are getting.
Stay inside and keep cool and pray for rain!