Saturday, May 31, 2014

Kokeshi dolls

I have been busy sewing and not sketching. It is very wet and cold so today I started to catch up on a few things, one being this blog. The fact that I couldnt find the sketch I wanted to add some color to is neither here nor there. I have a small collection of Kokeshi dolls, given to girls in Japan on girls day. two are really quite old as my mother bought them when she was in Japan quite a few years ago (they are signed), we bought a couple on various visits to Japan, they are mostly the more normal tourist ones but one is a signed one and I have been given one as well from a Japanese student we had staying with us. I love these dolls and they are such a lovely reminder of our trips to Japan. Not very well done I am afraid as I had to get up and down to sketch them, I think they are more wobbly and lopsided than normal, but I needed to get something done. Off to feed my wet chooks.

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Julie said...

They are so cute!!!!!