Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Playing with acrylic

I normally use watercolour but I have had a yen to try out acrylics. I am never going to be brilliant at this but rather like the primitive look to it, perhaps I am going to turn into Granma Moses!! Fell over today, not a good thing to do, landed on the good knee and re wrenched the bad shoulder, feel a bit sorry for myself!


Robin Mac said...

I like your paintings, I am doing a catchup, haven't checked this blog for a while. Sorry to hear you may be moving off the farm. That will be a huge wrench. I still remember my visit there. Cheers

Julie said...

so sorry to hear about your fall. good grief! hope everything feels better soon! Neat painting!!!!!

Suztats said...

Oh, no! Hope you're feeling much better soon. It's terrible taking a fall--makes me feel rather fragile for days.......enjoy the painting.