Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sketching and gallery visits

Hog weed, lovely to sketch and play with, done last night while I was watching tv and feeling rather tired. I think the wandering we have been doing over this month is finally catching up and I am only just getting over it all. While we were in Melbourne we went to see this magnificent exhibition they are paintings from the Prado in Spain and I have to say I think they were the best I have ever seen of the overseas gallery exhibits that have come here. Not that we see all of them but we try to get to the ones here and in Melbourne. The faces were amazing. This was taken from a flyer but I did buy the book and am so glad I did. When we got home we went to Adelaide to see the Dorrit Black exhibition, she was some sort of relative of John's and I also have a small painting of hers my father bought, it was interesting to see her work, but I really liked her cubic style paintings best. I also have the book, so we have been pretty exhibited out. In seeing the Dorrit Black we also saw the Mortimer Menpes exhibition, which I found hard to see as my wonky eyes have problems and there were a lot of small dark drawings. The Waterhouse Natural science prize was also in its last few days over in the Museum, this has a lot of different categories and it was confusing trying to work out what went where, on the whole I was a little disappointed this year although there was a wonderful piece of basketry by Garnbaladj Nabegeyo from Gunbulunya in Arnehm land which I think could have merited more than just being a finalist. But then I suppose basketry is not such an important part of art and I loved the Tjanpi piece as well as I had done some sculpture work with them a few years ago. Off to play on my altered book.


MorningAJ said...

I've not seen a really impressive gallery show in quite a while, though I love the annual sculpture exhibition in Leicester that I visit every year. This year's was one of the best, in my opinion.

MorningAJ said...

PS. I like the hogweed,

Jo Murray said...

Lovely sketch Penny. I've seen the Prado show....FABULOUS.