Friday, March 06, 2015


I think this is more like a hare than a rabbit. We have hares here, (we also have rabbits, a menace) all imported with the early settlers who thought they needed things from home, as well as sparrows, balckbirds and starlings, all of which are really not wanted and in some cases have driven out the native birds. Oh and dont lets forget deer and those horrid foxes, and cats who have gone feral and eat more than anything as well as dogs that in some places have interacted and bred with dingoes. We wont get into introduced weeds but I am happy with some of the garden plants as long as they dont escape as well. I didnt mean to have a spray about introductions, after all we are introduced too. I am sorry I havent been on this blog for ages, but then some people might think that is a good thing! my sketching and painting has taken a back seat, I hope my muse will come back soon but I normally paint in the sun room and summer is not the place to paint out there, it gets too hot. I am sorting out what to take to the Grampians and Sandy Webster's class there (so long as I get there! I hope my shoulder stops misbehaving.)I am looking forward to it but am terrified I will get too tired and not be able to do what I want to do, dont usually go on my own. or for the week but I have no doubt it will be fine, only a week to go. To get back to the sketch I am trying to get animal shapes a little better, maybe its working.Hope everyone has a brilliant week end.

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