Sunday, February 15, 2015

It is so hot.

Too hot to go outside, too hot to do a lot, even with the air con on one sits and sweats, it is revolting. I cant even sew eve3n though I am next to a fan. It is humid which means the evaporitive air con doesnt work very well. I picked up my pencil and from memory and with a bit of licence did the second sketch from Hildred's blog, I loved the movement of the figures and then I couldnt make up my mind if this first one was a mushroom or a jelly fish! Fun to play around with. We did walk this morning but only a short one as it was getting too hot even early in the morning. I am reading quite a lot. Feeling wicked that I am not doing very much but .... well its too hot!


Chel @ Sweetbriar Dreams said...

I am not a lover of the heat so sitting here in the depths of winter is just right for me (the fact that I have started the menopause and burning up every few hours doesn't help though!). Try to keep cool xx

Robin Mac said...

I keep forgetting about your other blog. Here it is a week later and I imagine you are hiding inside again as I hear the temps are 40 degrees plus. Love your little drawings. Cheers

Jeffrey Hunt said...

You know it gonna be an extremely hot day when you can’t do anything without sweating. Too bad the AC didn’t work well just when you needed it most. Well, I hope you fared well with that scorching weather. That’s a nice drawing, by the way! I guess sketching is good way to distract yourself from the heat. :-)

Jeffrey Hunt @ Go Patterson

Shayne Gustafson said...

I get that, Penny! Days like that are almost unbearable because it’s too hot to accomplish anything productive. At least you, you were able to sketch. By the way, that perfectly depicts the jellyfish’s movement. And I guess thinking about something as cool as underwater creatures will help you get through this heat. :)

Shayne Gustafson @ Berico Heating and Air