Saturday, May 09, 2015

More silly sketches

I really am having fun with these silly sketches. I really bless Carla Sonhiem's books as I can sit and play with drawing ever isles. I have done some of her on line classes too and they are really worth doing. I have new exercises to do which are proving to be harder and make me a he more so back to the wretched stronger pain killers. I also probably did too much yesterday, shopping with John and taught him how to go through the self serve checkout and then cooked dinner last night (left over chicken in a savory white sauce). I had thought a walk today but a terrible day (high winds, rain and cold) plus my body meant I have spent a pleasant day by the fire reading. I do hope the weather is better tomorrow and I can get a walk on a beach, been hanging out for that for ages.


Em Parkinson said...

Love them!

MorningAJ said...

They are fantastic. I hope you get your walk. There's something about beach atmosphere that's really good for you.

Jo Murray said...

LOVE these sketches Penny.