Saturday, May 03, 2008

Doorway no 3 or possibly 4

I cant remember how many of these I have put up.
This one was a bit dark and gloomy with steep stairs and trees on one side and a huge philodendron on the other, all the cement work on the sides of the steps was white, hard to keep clean one would think.
So much iron work but I suppose it is to keep the unwanted out.
John and I walked today, over to Pt Elliott and had a lovely walk watching a pair of seals just below us in the water by the rocks.
A coffee later.
I am trying to get the house clean but tomorrow I go to a Welsh foal show at Echunga so I hope that John will be an angel and do the vacuuming for me.
I have done all the hard bits.

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Karen said...

I like this one.