Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long Beach sandhill

I hope I havent put this one up before, I got a bit confused about what I had done and what I hadnt.
Not surprising after today and yesterday, we had a very long trip home, not helped by traffic delays when going across Adelaide.
Luckily our daughter had organised a quick meal for us when we called in to collect the mail.
today I was flat our washing, cleaning, shopping, collecting the cat etc etc, while John rushed off to 2 meetings, one at 9 am with Minister Gago about marine parks I think and the other at about 4 pm, not home yet and not for a meal.
I cant say I have exactly organised the house yet, I need another 2 days for that.
I love sand hills although I over painted a bit and made a mess on the scrub at the bottom.


Elizabeth Perry said...

Simply spectacular. Thank you for posting this.

Annie said...

I do love these last seascapes, Penny-- well, I really do like all of your paintings, of course, as I've said before. I am so glad that you found time to do them during your trip.

Karen said...

I like the boldness in this one and also the previous one as well.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Lovely bold painting. It's like a linocut with its flat surfaces. It's probably good to get home after your holiday.

Anonymous said...

tony f said...

Love the overall effect of this one Penny, a real goodie! Bravo.