Friday, November 21, 2008

Cape tulip

I cant remember how many petals a Cape tulip has, this was done from memory. They are a terrible weed here, came in soil that was ballast in the sailing ships from South Africa.
I wanted to do something bright and colorful.
Would probably make a good wallpaper design!
We have actually had a shower of rain, but it has just got cold and windy and I dont think there was much in what we had.
Friends for dinner tomorrow night so discussions on food and a bit of tidying up being done.


Anonymous said...

tony f said...

A very subtle and effective rendition Penny. I would love this on my walls!

annie said...

I envy you the ability to draw from memory. These are so bright and happy looking, Penny, even if they are terrible weeds.

Penny said...

tony it is not brilliant but if you really want it email me your snail mail address and i will send it. Nice rain this morning.