Monday, November 17, 2008

Double page spread

Here is another of my weekly double page spreads. The left hand side is ink and watercolor, the other is ink with watercolor pencils.
Just odds and ends of my week jotted down and then colored later.
Staying at my friend P's and drawing what I could see outside, Oscar asleep in the sun room, the cockle train, some gum leaves and blossom and my mug that I drank tea from.
Nothing very exciting.


Donn said...

Very nice using the pen, ink and watercolors and watercolor pencils. Nice sketches.

lyn said...

Lovely to see the slice of life in far away places. Continued success!

freebird said...

I am glad you are hanging in there. I seem to have lost steam (along with a computer crash). I like your kitty cat.

Jane said...

I love peeking inside other artists sketch books, thanks!