Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home from Queensland

This is a page from my sketchbook. We were staying at a rather lovely little place in 1770, so named I think because Captain Cook careened his boat in the inlet.
I sat on the deck in front of our little apartment there and sketched and painted while the others had a snooze.
It was an interesting place and although I didnt get bitten our friend Jill who we were with got badly bitten by either sand flies or midges or both. They love me so I make sure I have plenty of insect repellent on.
I will put up odd pages from my sketchbook and others as I get them finished.
I didnt exactly have a lot of time to sketch while we were away and some were very sketchy to remind me of what and where I had been.
Since getting home I am flat out trying to get everything done and my life is not my own, children away, ponies to feed and grand children to mind.


Caroline said...

I love this!
The tones are wonderful; very moody!

Karen said...

I love the blues in this one and the little boat sets it off.