Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Keppel Island

I did a quick sketch of this from the beach at the Capricorn Resort, Yeppoon, there were a lot of islands out there, all part of the Great Barrier Reef.
It was still pretty windy and the waves were up. The resort on Keppel is closed at the moment so any thoughts of going over there for a look were dashed.
The light was not terribly good as there were a lot of storms around and still the affects of the cyclone.
Hot and humid.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,
It is a shame that there is still a misconception that Great Keppel Island closed down with the resort closure, as the remaining businesses have been doing it tough as a result of this. There is still a wide variety of accommodation choices, souvenir/snack shop,and a world famous beach front pizzeria/bar set in a tropical balinese style setting, that was open Sunday. The island paradise has the most beautiful white sands,and turquoise waters, and the main beach is protected from those south easterly winds, and offers the most stunning vista overlooking the Great Dividing Range on the mainland. Sunsets are a highlight of the day here on Keppel!The second largest resort is rennovating,and will be open by Easter, which means the beds available will exceed those of the resort! Please spread the word! Happy Travels. Kae

Penny said...

Thanks for that Kae, we really didnt have time but I would have loved to have gone over and had a look. Islands are magical places. We were told quite firmly that we couldnt get to the Island, shame people dont check their facts.

annie said...

What a beautiful painting, Penny. I have to catch up, again, since our poor little server often gets overwhelmed and it's like pulling teeth to get online.

I'll leave another comment on your latest post about the fires.

Caroline said...

Wonderful emotion in the waves! they vibrate! beautiful!