Saturday, June 13, 2009


Last night we had a black out so I drew the candle that was helping to light the house. I think we had two torches and about 8 candles. I will have to buy some more.
I am having terrible trouble with my Back Valley seasons blog. I first lost the links I had up, then the ability to put up the links and now blogger thinks I am spam so I am blocked out. I hope not for too long.
I have put as many links as I can remember on this blog, so a lot are not sketching related but more to stitching but I like to be able to have them near by.
It is freezing cold here and it was market morning and a walk this morning. Luckily it wasnt doing much more than drizzle.
We seem to be expecting rain and high winds but so far it isnt too bad, just that having sat at this computer in the freezing cold my knees have decided to seize up. So I am off to sit by the fire.

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downunderdale said...

Penny - what is the ning group?