Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I wonder if I should have done this in greyscale. It is done in ink and pencil and is a recollection of a tiny vignette I saw from the train of two old men sitting in the open doorway of the shed in the back yard in the sun and the fence along the railway line covered in graffiti. I am afraid my rendition of grafitti is not very good. (take your pick of the spelling!)
My perspective is a bit out too but you get the idea.
Click on it to see it better, I hope.
I came home tired and aching, too much walking but I had a wonderful few days, caught up with my lovely grand children over there, not to mention daughter in law and son, went to the paper and stamping show on at the Showgrounds, walked from the station and it was further than I thought but I made it. Went on after the show into Melbourne proper and saw the Salvadore Dali exhibition. I am not a huge fan of some surrealist paintings but find his interesting and this was a very comprehensive exhibition from 'ordinary' paintings through to the surreal to textile sketched photography and jewellery making ideas.
I would recommend any one in Melbourne until about mid October to see it.
The new Victorian art gallery is fantastic, I just went into a couple of updated rooms and next time must spend a day at least.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
The graffiti when you go by train is all over the fences and buildings isn't it! The train goes too fast to really see lots of interesting things. Salvadore Dali - well, I should go and see it, but I find his work a bit of a nightmare! But clever of course.