Sunday, June 07, 2009

My sketching bag

There has been some discussion on the sketchercise ning group that I belong to about what we take with us to sketch. This is not always what I use but it has gone to many places with me. It is a camera bag which holds as you can see a small sketchpad that I actually bought at Dick Blick when I was in California last year , a pill bottle of water, my small paint tin, some tissues and a pen and 2 small travelling brushes. I can also fit in my camera and spare batteries. I can sling it around my neck or over my shoulder and I could put it on a belt if I wore one.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Interesting use of a camera bag - I stuff spare/emergency pens and pencils in mine alongside the lens cleaner thingy for when I just carry a sketchbook in a pocket.

Pat said...

This is so great to see what everyone uses when they go out painting.

Cathy Gatland said...

That's great - I like the idea of my waterbrush, and not having to take water with me, but it doesn't give me the results I'm after a lot of the time. In this cold weather I'm wearing a jacket and stuffing the pockets with supplies, but a camera bag would be good when it's warm.