Monday, November 15, 2010

Evening light

I have had such a busy few days and this week and the week end wont be much better. I did this as a wet in wet and then added the land, it hasnt scanned quite true but was fun and quick to do.
My visitors left, I tidied and did house work.
On Saturday I went to a basket making workshop at Port Adelaide put on by the art gallery and the tutors were some of the women from the APY lands, see more on my other blog.
Yesterday we went to an art opening of a friend of mine, she does lovely primitive paintings and some how I bought one! I cant get it until next month but I love it.
Sometimes I wonder if I shouldnt play around with acrylics as they can give such vibrant colour. I seem to want colour in my life at the moment. (I wonder if that cataract is getting worse!!)
I some how seem to have problems settling to anything, I think the impending knee ream out is probably worrying me.
I will be driving long hours this coming week end and bits of me are still hurting although I have hopes that the physio I am having on my hip will help.
I know John is worrying about the length of time I will be spending in a car.
I have done very little in the way of presents for Christmas and that too is worrying me, I have spent all my money on a painting!
Very wicked, but I am making a few doll bodies that may turn into angels, I will see how I go.
We continue to have the most wonderful weather, mild and damp, although I am watering again as the damp wasnt quite damp enough. Despite that the garden is still glorious and full of colour, the best in about 25 years I think.
Enough of me for the moment, it is getting late and I have another body to stuff.


Sally Westcott said...

Oh Wow! Could you please come and teach me how to do that! Your watercolour is just so pretty! I have no idea if that is the right word but I find incredibly pleasing to my eye! Thank you!

Hugz and look after that knee!!!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Penny,
Don't worry about Christmas, forget all the fuss for one year. Keep it simple.
We are having a great time with the family over from Fiji, my daughter-in-law has taken over the kitchen, my son has fixed up wireless for three computers, the kids have been gardening. Though, I've been spending money. Peceli is keeping well. Excellent.

Julie said...

Oh, stay so darn busy...even in pain! Sure hope you get over your no-shocks car ride soon! Glad the horse is doing better, for sure!

kenya said...

this is absolutely stunning. it totally takes me back to the sunsets out in algonquin ontario. beaut painting.