Monday, November 01, 2010

On my coffee table

Sorry this sketch is so faint, sometimes I have problems getting some colours to show up much, especially when I have used pencil. If you click on it it should show up a bit better.
It is a small arrangement and the yellow iris have been flowering superbly.
If I have time I will paint but I still have the family here after the week end and this week is going to be busy.
they leave tomorrow, I head up to Adelaide for a Melbourne Cup lunch, we do this every year and some of the girls I only see then so although expensive it is fun.
I hope to get beds changed and the house cleaned on Wednesday, back to Adelaide for the craft fair on Thursday and then our big All Welsh Show over the week end and the judges stay with me for a couple of days.
I hope I am still moving by the end of it all.
I have pulled a barrow load of forget me nots today, and got myself covered in them as well.
We had another shower of rain last night, heavy for a while and then very cold overnight and now it is warmer and humid, with a possibility of more rain to come. Strange weather.
I did plant out a few more plants I have had in pots so I need a bit more rain although finally the ground is nice and damp.
Not used to a house full and especially not 11 year old boys! Still they are pretty good, but Jake who Will loved is now getting a bit too old to play with successfully.
This Haiku is by Ransetsu.
Out of one wintry
twig, one bud,
one blossom's worth
of warmth at long last!


annie said...

It's a fine sketch, Penny. It is clear enough on my monitor. Your light touch shows how delicate and lovely the Iris are. It's one of my favorites of all that you have shared with us.


ELFI said...

petit oiseau sur hautes pattes
et en compagnie.. belle fantaisie!