Wednesday, November 24, 2010

quick sketches at Bamborough

I didnt have a lot of time to do any sketching while I was away but these were two I did, the back of stables and the hills beyond. I had hurt my knee and was abandoned by every one while I took a while to sort my knee out.
I didnt have any colour with me and so this is taken straight from my sketchbook.
I have the knee op tomorrow so that will be a long day as it will be done in Adelaide, sometime in the afternoon.
We had a wonderful week end, very long days of driving over and back, 11 hours the first and 15 on the last day and I am still getting over it.
It was terribly hot but now we have some rain and it has cooled down a bit so I feel sleepy.
John has had meeting after meeting.
Sarah bought a filly, a lovely Welsh A which she wont even let me have a leg! and R who went with us bought a Welsh B filly and a mare and foal. We brought home the two fillies in the float.
I really didnt need any more ponies but there were a couple I would have loved in my paddock.
Lovely area, looking good after about 10 years of drought and it has hardly stopped raining.
One never has time to do things quietly and spend the time but we did go to the Japanese garden and it was just lovely to see the country looking so good. Although we did go through rather a worrying number of flying locust swarms.
There are a few photos on my other blog here.
I cant settle at the moment, lots I should be doing but I think tomorrow is hanging over me, silly to worry but the older I get the less I want done to me.
I have painted some faces, perhaps I had better start stuffing them and getting on with the small dolls.
I will be back I hope later in the week.


Sally Westcott said...

Good luck with the operation Penny! I'll be thinking of you.


Julie said...

Best wishes on your surgery tomorrow, Penny...sure hope all turns out perfectly!!!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Best wishes for a successful knee operation Penny.

Sophia - Red Lotus Jewellery said...

Lovely sketches you are very talented. Best wishes on your knee surgery tomorrow and I hope you recover quickly.

Cheers Sophia :)