Saturday, May 05, 2012

Layers and layers of colour

 I have had a bit of time to play, put down a layer and walk away and do something else and come back. I wish in a way I had taken photos of what I did. Some of it you cant see at all.
It all started when I had two colours of acrylic paint to use up, so I just painted some random flower shapes.
On top of that I put down an alphabet stencil and threw some watercolour paint over it. It didnt show very much. I sprayed with mica sprays, I stamped the Eiffel tower and other shapes from a new stamp set I had with staz on,  didnt like it.
Put some watered down gesso over the top.
Put an empty toilet roll in a distress ink pad and made circles.
Drew flower shapes with a sharpie. Coloured those with ordinary childrens crayons. liked the way the underneath stuff was still showing through.
Did an Alisa Burke and used a white out pen to add the white dots which finally seemed to make the flowers pop a bit more.
No idea what I will do with it but it was great fun.
A lovely walk on the cliffs this morning and we saw dolphins herding fish and terns diving as well on the poor little things (the small fish).
We went to see Salmon fishing in the Yemen last night, a bit slow, lovely visuals, probably could have been 1/2 an hour shorter. I liked it but J fell asleep, he said it was relaxing so that was good.
Asian take away for dinner.
Something a bit different.
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Rachel said...

Sounds a bit like the book - I remember skipping at the time what seemed like hundreds of pages.

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Laying can produce interesting results as you have done here. Keep up the good work. Beats housework doesn't it?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...
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Linda said...

This looks great Penny. I like all the subtle images 'underneath' and those little flowers are so cute. Your sketches are always so fresh and happy.