Saturday, January 19, 2013

Carla Sonheim 'Draw' class

I am doing Carla's Draw class and having a ball, here are a few of the exercises we are doing.
I fiddle around and probably dont do them correctly but it whiles away an afternoon very well.
type her name in to google to find her, I have taken a heap of her classes and loved every one of them.
She has such an off beat and very humerous way of finding things to draw and it takes all the horror of getting it right out of a class.
I will try to get my act together to find her blog and put it up, it may be on my side bar.
I am having terrible computer problems at the moment, anything a bit different and it doesnt want to do it, I think we are getting overloaded down here through the school holidays with so many people in the area.
Much cooler today and very pleasant, apart from the flies who bite and are horrid, they get under my glasses and crawl all over me.
One of the joys of an Australian summer.
The old dog is telling me he hasnt been fed, better go and do him and put the chooks away. (Max is just faithfully sitting by the outside door and looking!)
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Julie said...

Those giraffe are awesome! Love the playful chicks too!