Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Its been too hot to do any thing but be silly

We have been existing through the heat, at least we are now a little cooler and there is a southerly breeze but I worry for all those in Tasmania, Victoria and especially NSW where to day has been terrible.
Bush fires are part of our country but with so many more people and with those wanting to live in bushland surroundings, even near the beach it can still be a terrible decision.
We get complacent and then we suddenly get a year like this and disaster happens.
We are terribly dry here, no rain for weeks and all we can do is hope no one does anything silly.
talking of silly, I do rather like playing with these little fellows.
We have been walking early making sure we hope that most of the garden gets some water, but water could be a problem as well here where we have to provide our own.
You walk and watch outside the windows to see if you can see any smoke, and you read or sew, never feeling completely at ease.
Part of an Australian summer on the land.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that bottom picture Penny.

We see and read about the bush fires here in the UK - they seem so terrible. Do people realise the risk when they build their properties so near to the bush Penny?

Julie said...

Silly is the best!!!