Monday, January 21, 2013

Sketch and paint

 The sleeping Koala was part of my Draw class with Carla Sonheim (see my side bar), we had to find a photo of something we wouldnt normally draw and I found this in a National Geographic and I really wanted to draw something that was Australian and this rather tickled my imagination, he isnt terribly good but better than I had thought I might do.
I dont use pencil a lot, prefer my pen!
Yesterday I played with a bit of paint, I love bird houses and have several, I found someones painting and arranged my birdhouses against our weatherboard wall. I am finding that with paint my hands are not really terribly steady any more so its a bit slap dash and I ended up using sharpies to define things and I think that was a bit too dark, but heck it was fun to get back to a bit of painting again.
Oh and the blackbirds just happened to fly in, not actually on my bird houses but on a branch of a tree so I put them in as well.
The MRI for my knee is organised for Thursday, now to get a specialist appointment, that could be fun.
We walked this morning and it was overcast and cool but it has now warmed up but its a good day to get the washing done, I have almost finished.
Isnt it funny how Monday was wash day, I rarely do the washing on Monday, usually a load here and there through the week but lately I seem to have been reverting to a Monday wash. Is old age catching up?
I hope not.
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The Weaver of Grass said...

I love that koala Penny - wish I could have drawn him as good as that.

Angela said...

Love the bird houses and birds. That little sketch would make a nice note card.