Friday, February 22, 2013

Been a bad blogger

 I havent had a lot of time to sketch and this is the best I can do, I had a 4 day workshop and then it was stinking hot, a day in Adelaide (hair and teeth!!) and some how the time has run away from me.
we are heading up to the Gold Coast in Queensland on Sunday morning, wet and steamy I think, not the weather I like but lovely to catch up with so many friends and we wouldnt miss the 100th birthday.
So washing done, ironing sort of, one suitcase between 2 will we manage? I hope so, we shouldnt need a lot of clothes for the weather, bathers are the most important and a cover up and glad rags for the birthday.
I just dont like leaving here with it being so dry, and the house sitter doesnt 'do' watering, so I hope the main sprinkler system is working ok, although it is sods law that it wont.
Food for the dogs and the chooks and something for my sitter to eat so I hope all will be well.
I love weeds, and weeds with seedheads like these, this is from my imagination but I quite like the composition, snaky leaves and dotty seed heads.
I probably wont manage much more on this blog until we get home (Sunday week) but do look at the other one (on the side bar) as there are sure to be photos.

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