Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Having fun with birds

 Every so often I have fun playing with bird shapes.
Amazing as for years I really didnt think I could 'do' birds, but then these are fun.
It is warming up, having come home so tired from my few days away in Victoria looking at pony studs and now it has taken a while for me to get my act together.
It was so cold last week and over the week end and now suddenly the temperatures are heading up again.
I much prefer the cooler weather.
After the news that they have found Richard 111's skeleton I have gone back to the bookshelves and found Josephine Tey's book 'The daughter of time' which was one of the first books, albeit fiction that gave a good explanation of him and that all the histories that people took as gospel about him were written years and years after his death and by the Tudors.
I think it is very exciting and hope he now will get a better press than wretched Thomas Moore gave him.
We had a lovely walk on the beach this morning, lots of very enthusiastic dogs but I came home with a wretched aching knee. I will be glad when I get some idea of what might be done with it but that isnt until more than a month away, we will have been to Queensland and back by then!
I seem to have sorted out a heap of busy days for me, next week a 3day class over at Goolwa and that will be fun, so off to look for what I need to take to that one.
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Lins Artyblobs said...

Cute birds.

Julie said...

Oh dang, these birds are CUTE!!!!!