Sunday, February 10, 2013

Silly I know but...

 I think my muse, and my get up and go have left me at the moment and it is all a bit depressing.
I have been fairly busy doing domestic stuff and am half way through another tidy of my work room but all I could come up with was this ill assorted three some.
We had a party last night fort my granddaughter Gaby's 21st, a lovely night, her actual birthday is this coming week but we had a lamb on a spit and as it started early we were finished relatively early as well.
Just as well as I have been having aching knees, again, and after standing for quite a while bed was a nice place to be.
I just hope I perk up as I have a 4 day workshop next week and I still havent really got together the stuff I need for it.
John has been fishing today, so I hope we have fish for dinner, it has been quite cool and we had a bit of rain overnight so the washing I did today is still drying, actually I havent quite finished it, there is one more load to put on the line.
Perhaps I will finish with a Haiku by Basho

Wandering, dreaming,
in fever
Dreaming that dreams
forever wander.

Now I wonder what all that is about?
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Wanda..... said...

Maybe the angel protects and keeps the cat safe, from the big bird!

Julie said...

It is a cute threesome!!! Basho leaves you wondering at times!!!