Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 For some strange reason my hibiscus flower, when I dont think they should, as the cold nights and days are coming in.
I have to think of something to use as a Batik to do when we are in Bali and I happened to see mine out so did a very poor drawing, but it has given me some idea of what the hibiscus looks like.
I have no idea what I want in a batik, I had some idea of a volcano, vines, flowers and either sea or rice paddies.
I suppose until I get there and get a feel for the place I wont know.
It will be interesting to see what finally eventuates.
I have been to my gp, the bad news is that the polymyalga seems to be coming back, but as I have to have the knee replacement I am to keep off the cortisone, so I have some stronger pain killers and we will see if that will work. I do hope so.
We have had showers for most of the last few days which is lovely, but I am finding it cold and the damp doesnt help.
The dogs are telling me it is time to be fed! I think I am being run by a cat and two dogs at the moment.
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Julie said...

sorry you will need surgery, but i sure hope it is the answer you need! hang tight!
hugs, julie