Thursday, April 04, 2013

More mad faces.

I love doing these and seeing how they may or may not turn out.
My bit of sketching relaxation at night.
I also made another pair of copper ear rings yesterday, such fun to be able to cut a piece of copper and shape it and then beat it. I am enjoying this.
I have packed and repacked for Ballarat. We will leave early on Saturday morning but J and I are up in Adelaide for part of the day tomorrow.
Trying to work out clothes is the hardest, seems to be cool at night and mostly clear and sunny during the day.
I think with layers I will survive.
really looking forward to it but hope my joints dont give me too much hell.
So many friends to catch up with it should be fun.
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Jo Murray said...

Those little faces are just delightful Penny. I imagine beating the bejasus out of some copper is very therapeutic...and what a great result.

Julie said...

neat faces Penny! i love seeing all your experimentation! these earrings are really gorgeous!!!

Suztats said...

Enjoying your faces, Penny. Will you be wearing your new copper earrings For Ballarat? Have a great time!

Barry said...

P-great ti see you hammering copper - and is it not good to be able to wear the finished product or gift them Go well. B