Wednesday, November 21, 2007

favorite vase

Good Grief I have just come in to write this up and instead of homely Maggie Beer and Simon from the Hyatt in the Cook and the Chef which I love and find the recipes very useful I saw Nigella whatever her name is being sexy with food. The mind boggles as she looks arch over placing paprika on sour cream.
Any way we had 10 mls of lovely rain last night and today I feel tired as it cooled down enormously.
This is the vase Tabby gave me for my birthday, today filled with the lovely lime green ends of branches I cut off the pin oak in the walled garden.Done in a hurry as I am tired after doing a lot of mundane housewifely things today and now John is out for a dinner meeting. I dont much like dinner meetings but not much I can do about it.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Dinner meetings? I can't sit for even three hours at a wedding. Nice vase. Leaves are amazing when you look at the details and colours. I hope you find time to draw more slowly Penny, but the demands on your time keep you on the move all the time.

Keith said...

Well done, Penny. Have a nice day.