Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pt Lincoln

I did these while we were at Pt Lincoln. The first is of the silo's and part of the loading jetty and the second very sketchy sketch is of the loading gantries and jetty, I found them very difficult to do as when it was cooler in the early morning they didnt stand out very well and in the afternoon I discovered that there were two very large ships moored next to that gantry jetty! That is probably not the correct name for it but it will do.
It got very hot so I was continuously trying to find shade or had retired back to the hotel room which did have air conditioning but the only view of the sea, which was advertised was if I stood in a corner of the room, other wise I saw a roof and the sky.
I did a lot of walking and a bit of shopping and quite a bit of sewing while John was at the conference for most of Wednesday afternoon, all of Thursday and all Friday morning.
I did find an excellent coffee shop but the flies were a bit bad and at certain times the sun was on everything.
Some one to talk to would have been nice but all the other wives were at the marina and with no car that was rather a long way away.
Two excellent dinners with lots of lovely fresh sea food made up for it and some reasonable wine.

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