Thursday, January 01, 2009

Japanese Ladies keeping out of the sun

I sketched these two in the main street of Kingscote while we were having lunch last week, was it only last week?
The one on the left had a huge floppy hat and the other a large umbrella.
Just had to do a lightening sketch as they passed by.
Feeling a little sore and sorry today, we were out to friends for dinner and to see the New Year in last night, lovely their house is sited so we could see the fireworks almost all around us.
Any way a late night too much rich and lovely food and probably too much bubbly as well.
To day my knee is hurting I obviously did too much on it yesterday although it was the best day, such a lovely walk on the beach with P...
I am washing, have discovered an unknown leak in the cupboard in the bathroom with the towels in it so a heap of towels to be washed and beds to make for the family who may or may not be coming to day, if not today tomorrow.

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