Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Quick McLaren Vale sketch

We were collecting some wine on our way home from Adelaide, visit my mother buy some shoes, and while John was organising the wine I sat and did a quick sketch, sort of coloured it later, brown hills and green vineyards.
Busy day, didnt sleep well last night, friend visiting tonight and tomorrow for New Years Eve.


Karen said...

Neat little sketch I thought vineyards as soon as I saw it.

Anonymous said...

tony f said...

Happy New Year Penny. Glad you had a good time on KI, the weather has certainly been mild. I noted that you visited Billygoat Falls on your day trip to Cape Borda. Our property on the island is directly nextdoor to Western River Conservation Park where the Falls are located. Each morning Carolyn and I walk from our front door, up the driveway, then along Colmans Road to the Park's entry, then halfway down to the Falls before crossing back to our property fenceline. Its a gorgeous part of the island and we have delightful sea views of Althorpe Island from our front verandah. What a shame we missed your visit. Best wishes for 2009.