Tuesday, September 06, 2011

More Junk book and wisteria

Here are a couple more pages from Junk mail book 2 and a very washy rendition of some wisteria which is flowering at the moment. I am not finding a lot of time to paint or sketch or draw, so I had to scratch around to find something.
As spring is coming fast in the garden I am trying to get some tidying up done, but I am afraid it is very slow as I am still trying to work out what I can and cant do without paying too dearly for it the next day.
The weather goes from unseasonably hot to thunderstorms and a bit of rain, but not enough to cold and windy which isdrying the soil out more.
There is talk of silage making quite soon.
I really dont want another bad season, I would just like 5 good seasons to set us up again, for what? probably retirement, John will be nearly 80 then!!
It doesnt bear thinking about.

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Anne said...

Wow Penny, i am so impressed with your junk mail sketchbook! my pages didn't end up matching and it was all a disaster... well done!!!