Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not really grafitti

I sat playing last night trying to see if I could actually do some grafitti, well my ideas and what happened didnt quite jell and I am begining to think that those who do really good grafitti are much cleverer and talented than I am.
Not that the top one is really grafitti and wasnt intended to be, but trying out words on the bottom one I think I failed miserably, and the bottom bit I did in lime green has not shown up at all..
I must go and find some good stuff and not just the tags that seem to proliferate during school holidays.
I always think travelling by train in Melbourne is a good place to look, here we have grafitti busters who go around and wash it off every day so you dont see much.
I hope to get a few photos next week when we are away.
I am trying out a few styles of getting stuff onto paper just to see what happens.
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Suztats said...

Ah, but playing until we get where we're going is all part of the fun!

shirley said...

If graffiti artists put up lovely pictures like yours their work would not be such an eyesight, but would add beauty to where they had been in the night

jinxxxygirl said...

Don't you just love to play with new ideas???

Angela said...

Very nice graffiti.