Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Seal pup

I have had a very busy few days, the weather has been pretty ordinary too, with gales, wind, heat and rain. finally today I managed to get 2 wheelbarrtow loads of weeds done, so the front is getting a little bit more respectable, but there is a lot more to do.
I sat and sketched this baby seal on one of my breaks before going out to do more. Not a lot of time for sketchbooks or paint I am afraid.
Sunday was the day I looked after Mason all day while Gaby and Celina rode at the mounted games, I was the driver! So a 5 am start and it was well after 5.30 pm before I got home, the girls had a good time I think and I can still drive the car and horse float.
Mason is very good but nearly 3 year old boys can be very busy and a handful. I was really pleased when he finally had a sleep. A busy showground with trucks, floats and horses is not a good place for small boys to wander and keeping him in the car was rather a struggle.
Yesterday the gale force winds kept me mostly inside, although the washing was dry in record time, and then ironed and put away. Trouble is it is hay fever season and so I tend to feel rather 'off'.
I am also tidying things up and clearing away. Spring cleaning I suppose, just hope the body survives.
I really want to get on with the Silk screen on line class I am doing but I need to clear a space before I can start! I had been playing with some mono printing so this is the next step.
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Wanda..... said...

Hay fever for you there in the spring of the year and the same for me, here in our fall! Drizzling rain this morning is keeping me in...will spend the day doing mail art. My sister watches her 3 year old grandson...he keeps her moving!

annie said...

Awwwwww...They have such big soft eyes.


Anne said...

Love your little seal! I see i'm not the only one struggling to make time for all the creativity i would love to do... good luck with the hay fever, what a curse it is!