Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Turning some play into fragments

I havent been feeling on top of things for a few days, I think to do with dropping some meds and the body having to re ajust. So I have been doing some quiet play. Here is another of my bright creations using the cheap crayola pens, they are such fun to do. Then I began to wonder what I could do with them, so the last one I did, not this one, I cut up into squares and oblongs and pasted them in no particular order into one of the little accordion books I had made.
So a book of fragments was born and I will add more to it in the next few days.
I like the way it has come together. Small things amuse small aching minds.
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Suztats said...

Love the bright colours on this grey, cold (-22C! this morning) and snowy day.
What a good idea to add the pieces to your accordion book.
Hope you're soon feeling better.

The Weaver of Grass said...

I absolutely love the way it has worked out Penny - keep it up.

Art Fist said...

Really like your work, would you like to showcase some of your best images on artfist.org?

- Jon, artfist.org

Julie said...

What a great idea...this looks so interesting! Hope you are feeling better, Penny.