Friday, March 02, 2012

The old Milang Cheese factory buildings

I took a photo of these buildings on our way home from Halls Gap and sketched them into my small accordion book the other night, another in my series of old buildings around the area.
My computer screen died the other day so I am back to the lap top which I cant see as well.
We have had a couple of awful days, gale force winds which negated any good the small amount of rain we had did. Really frustrating when other areas are flooding. I dont want floods and I feel for the people who are under water, but more than 3mm would have been very welcome, and as for the wind! The less said the better.
My toe is still on going, another doctor, a different approach, I hope this is the right one.
The first of our grandchildren gets married tomorrow, quite a bit of excitement, I hope the weather is good as they are getting married at the back of the farm, not our bit any more, our sons. There is always a hay shed to fall back on if it rains. Not ssure what I am wearing, I seem to have grown out of a lot of stuff with this wretched cortisone I am on. pants and a top I think, after all I am only a grandmother!
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Robin Mac said...

Lovely sketches Penny, sorry to read your toe is still an issue, I hope the new treatment works quickly. Enjoy the wedding today - even if you are 'only' a grandmother, you are still important! Cheers

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

We've got a wedding to go to soon - brother's son, but the venue is currently in a flood area I think - next to the Hawkesbury River so will it be mud and slush in our finery?