Friday, March 16, 2012

The Olives

 I did another small sketch of houses in the district into my tiny accordion book. We used to stay here when my great aunt and uncle lived there in the mid to late 40's. It was almost a ruin then, floor boards rotting and only the kitchen and back area were liveable. Now some one has bought and restored it and it is developing a magnificent garden.
I am afraid my sketching is getting rougher as the arthritis in my right hand and wrist seems to be getting worse. I am doing exercises and some days are worse than others.
We have had some rain, the friends funeral on Wednesday was marked by the thunderstorms and rain in the area. It was an interesting afternoon. The tiny graveyard was up in the hills at the end of the pony paddock. A lovely setting, a huge number of people and the tiny church was overflowing but arrangements had been made for that. So sad, such lovely times we had together. A good, quiet man to remember.
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Julie said...

I am sorry about your wrist and feeling as though it is affecting your drawing. I just love everything you sketch, regardless! Sorry about your loss of your friend. Happy memories of a good person and good times. God bless you Penny!!!
xoxo- Julie

Robin Mac said...

I love your drawings Penny, I am so sorry you are having so much trouble with arthritis in your hand - no doubt it affects your sewing as well as your drawing. I hope the exercises work. Cheeers

virginia said...

I remember The Olives and the garden so well. I remember you climbing trees and me putting my hand on a frill necked lizard when i wanted to swing from a branch, and my brother who came in to your great aunt saying "Rosemary's fallen out of the window about half an hour ago!" We're all a bit older and wiser, I dare say. Lots of love and have you tried those Chinese magnetic balls, a bit smaller than a tennis ball to roll around your hands? It helps. Love V.

Gail P said...

Sometimes limitations, or things we think are limitations, force us to find an alternative. This sketch is marvelous; I don't see any limitation in it. Sorry to hear that the pain is such a nuisance but thrilled to see that not much stops you! XOXOOX