Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Having fun with Indian ink

 In Dorothy Caldwells class we had a great time using indian ink with a brush fixed onto a meter long stick and made marks.
We all had a huge sheet of paper and did it on both sides. I put some dots of red on one side.
It was such fun and very interesting to see what every one did.
We then cut up the paper and turned them into books, I decided on an accordion book with a turn up on the inside to hold things.
My very fancy badge with clutter on it was part of one nights entertainment and to get to know people. I was supposed to find cats but I never did. They had such fun making up the painrings, as you can tell, mine was a clutter of cats.
I decided I had to use it so onto my book it went.
Sorry about the things in the background, I was frantically trying to get them photographed and my ironing board was a bit of a mess.
I have been slowly getting back to doing things and getting stuff put away.
In the middle of the night I decided I should use the old laundry which is up by the line and where the dog sleeps, and there is an old frig and huge amounts of junk, as a work shed, for the metal and other stuff I do, so now I have mostly cleaned it out, cobwebs and mess every where. I have had a complete change of clothes!
Not finished either but I have done enough.
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MorningAJ said...

Wow - that's amazing. I keep thinking I'd like to do something like an accordion book but I never seem to have the courage to get on and do it.

I must be brave.

Lins Artyblobs said...

Nice book, I like the books on your other blog too.

Rachel said...

Great book. I love working with inks!

ArtPropelled said...

The course with Dorothy Caldwell was well worth it. Your books are wonderful Penny!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Love these gesture marks! They are the perfect content for your book!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

(And thank you for not having word verification!)

MorningAJ said...

I agree with Leslie. No word verification always makes a blog more welcoming!

Julie said...

This accordion book turned out soooo pretty!!! I love the technique you told absolute fun!!! Love the medallion you made for the cover!!!

I am happy you found a bit more of a space to use for your work.

Gail P said...

very, very lovely book! so glad to see that you've had things to occupy your mind. XOXO