Tuesday, April 24, 2012

From my sketchbook

 Last night eyes and girls wandered into my sketchbook.
Such fun.
My wretched toe has been playing up again, so I have been trying to rest it, in between cleaning the house as I think the family may be on their way tomorrow.
It has drizzled on and off all day today and boy it is cold, we have lit the fire.
I am knitting sleeveless mittens, only trouble is I need to knit two more as one has a rib top and one a moss stitch one.
No time to play in my work room out the back and any way it is cold up there, I may have to invest in a heater.
Off to do the feeds and prepare Johns favorite dinner, devilled pork spare ribs. He doesnt get them very often as they give me indigestion. (I love them too but I can suffer afterwards.)
If you want to see this sketch a bit closer click on it and it should enlarge. I had such fun doing 'the girls'.
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Julie said...

Such sweet girl and eye drawings!!! Very fun, Penny!!! Sorry about your toe. I am a serious hater of pain...seems like I have more and more the older I get. I always remember the phrase, "Life's a bitch and then you die" whenever I get into pain. Then I laugh, and say to myself, "Ain't that the truth"!!! LOL.

Take care Penny!
xoxo- Julie

Shiva King said...

Lovely sketches...hope your toe gets better soon!