Sunday, April 01, 2012

A strange week

Oh bother I think I have just lost my last post well here goes again.

I dont think my week was really that strange, it has been rather unsettling and I havent felt brilliant, nothing particularly wrong just a bit off.
So apart from tidying the house in preperation for the arrival of the Melbourne family (well I think they are arriving on Tuesday but there may be a complication) I have done a lot of reading, not something I do often but with the tidying up I dare not untidy things again for a while.
Well I said I had lost it and I had, and I forgot to explain about these strange little offerings, the first is from a recollection of San Diego when we were there a few years ago, done in crayon with a watercolour wash over and the second, very silly octopus is done with the cheap markers, finally pickeed up something to do last night and then had tidied away all the good stuff to use so had to use what I had to hand.
I have just finished the compilation of 3 of Rosamund Pilchers short stories and had a lovely time going back to another era when I was young and life only seemed stressful if you fell for the wrong man (not that I did) but the descriptions of Cornwall and Spain are lovely. I think quite different to the way things are portrayed in modern books. Perhaps I am wrong, but a lot of modern stuff, apart from crime doesnt hold me the way these did.
Daylight saving has thank goodness finished, I fail to see why we have to have it for 6 months of the year but poor Max thought it very odd that I was an hour late this morning, or was I an hour early??
A few photos of what my week was on the other blog here, but yesterday when we had a glorious walk I forgot my camera, told you I wasnt quite 'with it'!
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The Weaver of Grass said...

It is the story of every blogger's life, Penny. If there is something interesting on our walk then we have forgotten our camera. Love both pictures today.

Suztats said...

Your octopus made me smile--it has such a cheery look about it. Fun!

Julie said...

Love that top picture!!! So colorful!