Monday, April 02, 2012

Thoughts of Russian buildings

 I watched a programme yesterday on Russian art and buildings. So today being one of those days, where the vacuum cleaner wouldnt work, and the garden hoses were tangled and I had to come in for rests between forays into sorting out both, I drew fanciful buildings, having absolutely no regard for the real thing.
Sometimes I really do wonder if I am going gaga.
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Anne said...

Love the fanciful buildings! So are you also joining Crazy Flowers? Hope to see you there! xxx

Julie said... are just a Lady Gaga of the art world!!! I love all the color and fun! It is so YOU!!!

virginia said...

Gorgeous buildings! I hope to see more like that! Really great and that all mixed up with the vaccuum cleaner and the hoses! I call the vaccuum cleaner Stupid, because it gets all muddled up around the furniture. Still, I wouldn't like to be without it and do all the cleaning with a straw broom.



Jacky said...

looks great Penny. I am still trying to train my vacuum cleaner to get on with it by itself, having trouble getting through. Have a great easter with your family