Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Doing a lot of black and white

 I have been not doing a lot of colour, mostly because I rather like the clean lines of black and white, also that is usually what I have with me.
so sitting in the airport yesterday I drew the view from the window, and then on the plane a page of odds and ends.
We left blue skies and sunshine and came home to grey skies, wet and this morning cold and fog, brr!!
I am washing, I have cleaned out the freezer which decided to start defrosting, threw out a lot, made a lot of soup and what was ok was transferred back to another freezer. I think something is not sealing correctly but at least we havent lost everything and come home to a stinking mess.
Just not what I really needed this morning.
Max was so pleased to see us home and he raced around and around me when I walked him this morning.
I have slowed up a bit this afternoon, feeling a bit tired and there is still stuff to put away and tidy up but at least now the house is warmer and the fire is nice and cheerful.
It is so grey outside, I really did appreciate the lovely warmth in Queensland, now to get my act together and get on with doing 'stuff' and not procrastinating.
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Jo Murray said...

Your sketchbook has so inspired me Penny, that I now doodle whenever I sit down in front of the TV (not often tho')... and I can see some of these doodles turning up in ATCs and collages.