Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fog on the hills

 I started this on the day that there was a lot of fog over the hills, and then havent had time to finish it.
I am actually quite pleased with it.
Since then there has not been much fog but its very grey and overcast and it is so uplifting to see the odd bit of sun.
I have spent hous on the net trying to get our Darwin trip organised, I am about half way there! I have waisted so much time, going to Europe was so much easier, and probably cheaper too.
Still it should be good when we finally get there and I am looking forward to it.
Yesterday I went over to look at the seals that have taken up residence on the Goolwa barrage go here to see them.
It was lovely to get out and about although I have a dreadful feeling that John may have given me his cold, I hope not.
Max and I walked for a long way up the house paddock hill this morning, now of course I feel tired! I have just fed him and the others and of course tonight the wretched hens decided not to go into their shed for the night. A lot of extra exercise but I did get them in finally, there are a lot of foxes around and I dont want them eaten, although no eggs tonight but they do seem to be moulting.
Tomorrow I go to see if I need new glasses, I am finding the numbers on the weather maps on tv difficult to read.
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Wanda..... said...

When enlarged the brush strokes of the painting seem so light and simple and yet you managed to evoke such a beautiful scene, Penny!

The Weaver of Grass said...

You can be justly proud of that lovely picture Penny.

Julie said...

Oh...vision...I am ready to have my eyeballs removed and a new set inserted!!! LOLOL.

Love your painting!!!

PamelaB said...

Very atmospheric painting, penny.

Jo Murray said...

It's a lovely fresh and spontaneous piece of work Penny.

Am away at present, but have been reliably informed by the neighbours in charge of collecting my mail, that a parcel has arrived from you. I can hardly wait to get home to see what's in it. Many thanks for that.

Barry said...

P-well something really good came out of the fog - great piece P. Go well. B