Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Playing again

I have had a lovely time playing with these little figures and trying to work out how to use them. I think I can translate some of them into either dolls or some sort of textile use.
time will tell, at the moment my time is rather odd, today I had a small 'nasty' excised from my chest, I dont think it will amount to much but it took a long time out of my day. Not sure how many stitches, I didnt ask.
So I came home feeling a little sore and sorry for myself and read and fell asleep.
Now I am trying to work out what we do about going to Darwin, I have been on the net figuring out what we want to do. Some web sites are easy, some are not.
My head is still full of things to do, its just finding a/ the time and b/ the motivation.
It is still freezing cold outside, but I had a lovely walk this morning and put up four kangaroos in one paddock and a large male in another. Of course this morning I didnt take my camera, will I ever learn!
Max was up wind from the roos but when he finally saw them he went roaring half way down the paddock and then wasnt sure what to do next so came back again. He is a real wuss. A lovely wuss.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

Hope you are feeling back to normal Penny. Like the doodlings, as usual.

The Crust said...

love these!