Saturday, October 06, 2012

From my sketchbook

these are some of the watercolour samples I did, sone with ink first and some just placing the colour on the paper.
They were fun exercises in the use of the brush and quickly getting an impression down.
I did a lot of these as I was trying first to see what things looked like before I put it onto good paper.
Not quite such a busy day, cold and damp and thank goodness for the fire.
I was really worried about the mare this morning but she seems bright and eating although there are a couple of things I am still not happy about.
I did buy something to supplement the foal with if I have to but as all the crew are at the local show and they help run it they havent been around.
We didnt get to the show as I am still aching all over and John has a badly swollen knuckle and hand which may be a re occurence of his gout problems.
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Julie said...

Love the pitcher with flowers!!! Beautiful and so soft.