Monday, October 22, 2012

While working in the garden I kept having thoughts about Japan

 It is quite a long time since we were last in Japan and I love the very stylized trees and gardens. I went searching for my lantern to see if I could put it in the space by the back door but I had forgotten that I only had the top and not the bottom of it.
So instead I did a few sketches of things as I remembered them.
We have been very busy re doing parts of the garden, the more manageable areas, a lot of the rest will just have to be let go as it is all too much.
As usual pots are playing a major role in what I am doing. I do find it easier and now I have sewn up the shade cloth over the paving by the back door and that is up and my little water trickle is going and the windchimes have been re done I feel much better about what is actually the main entrance to the house.
After all only salesmen seem to come to the front door and I cant open that any way (too many indoor pots are taking advantage of a nice sunny area)!!!
We are having lovely Spring weather, although the sprinklers have come out today as we have had no rain for over a week and the sun has been quite warm. My deep sand tends to dry oput rather fast once we are into October.
It has been a joy to sit out under the sprouting (and flowering) glory vine and watch the birds and enjoy the blossom and the flowers that have all suddenly decided to come out.
A nice place for a coffee and to read the paper.
Then get on with a bit more hard work.
So not a lot of painting or sketching being done but something I havent felt able to do for such a long time, and it is very satisfying.
I am just not looking forward to really hot summer days, or wind, or flies!
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The Weaver of Grass said...

I have a friend in Australia at the moment and I keep thinking about her experiencing Spring when we are going into what looks like a damp and misty Autumn.

Wanda..... said...

Your spring garden sounds lovely and refreshing. Similar garden/yard work going on here, for a different season/reason though. Instead of opening, we're slowly putting things away.

Julie said...

It always seems so funny to me how our seasons are opposite each other. Good you can get out in the springtime air and see all of the wildlife and relax with coffee. DEVINE!!!

Suztats said...

There's a lot of satisfaction in setting up the garden for the season, isn't there? I look forward to the promise of spring every winter.
Our daughter should be arriving home in Australia, so it's nice that she can greet the spring weather after spending her winter in our summer.
Lovely sketches, Penny!
Don't do as I every spring--think I'm still 20 and can work and haul all day in the garden without a twinge! Oh, would that it was so!

Jo Murray said...

You,ve reminded me that Japan is on my bucket list... and that I should be doing more in the garden. Maybe some time soon.