Monday, October 08, 2012

More from my sketchbook

 I cant remember if I put the boats in before! If I did I am sorry  but here they are again.
then the base for my portrait, I will put her in later, and more flowers.
Today it has warmed up, we have installed my water feature by the back door but still lots to do.
My knee has been playing up and all my GP could say today was go swimming! Huh, I told him I didnt have the money to sign up for a gym , or the time, or to buy a wet suit to go swimming in the sea, I asked him if he could imagine me trying to struggle into a wet suit with a gammy knee.
Sometimes men have no idea.
So I have bought another knee support and hope this may help.
I need to walk more.
He also asked if I was depressed, I said of couse I was with the way the farm was having problems but no I did not want pills.
I shall go around singing and laughing to myself and every one will think I am mad.
No honestly, things are not brilliant and I have had to go back up on the cortisone but at least I am now not in the pain I was last week. It was stupid of me to think I could drop down a mg when I did.
Tomorrow I hope Max and I can go for a long walk, this morning we slept in, daylight saving is mucking up when I wake up, what was 6.30 is now 7.30.
Thank you to those who listen to me moan!
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The Weaver of Grass said...

Your paintings and sketches show such cheerful colour Penny - I hope they are keeping your spirits up.

Jo Murray said...

Those boats are just magic Penny. Hang in there... amazing how a song can lift your spirits.

Julie said...

Is it arthritis in your knee? I have the start of it in both knees, and then the miniscal tear in left knee. I have done better by exercising it myself...and using the meds too. No cortisone yet, but generally I use a non-steroidal antiinflammatory when needed. The exercises seem to be helping quite well.
The cold air probably makes it worse, no doubt. I am praying you can get good relief somehow, Penny!!!

These two boat pics are exquisite! I love them! You are so good to just sit down with your pen and come out with the most amazing things!!! You are seriously my art hero!!!

Take care, Julie