Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lady in the red hat

 Here is my supposedly better painitng of the lady in the red fhat, her left eye needs work but I dont think I will bother.
I dont do portraits and this one looks nothing like her photo.
If any thing it is colder today, snow on the hills(not near here though) but hail and rain and miserable.
I did go out and pot up a few geraniums this morning and scared the ponies with my umbrella.
I had to check on the foal with the stitches in his head, he looked ok apart from having the mark of Voldemort on his head. Why did they call him Harry Potter.
I am going back to the fire some new meds I am taking have upset my tummy a bit.
There is always something.

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Julie said...

Oh, speaking of weather, we had what I would call our first cooler day of fall. No humidity and breezy. Just wonderful. Finally. YES!!!