Sunday, October 26, 2008

2nd week of a spread of sketches

Here is my second week of a spread of sketches that Nina challenged us to do.
I have a new printer/scanner and i am still trying to work out how it works, took me ages to get this far but I dont know if the scan is large enough. If you click on it it will enlarge.
An odd assortment from a bush in the garden the scene of the Bluff and wright Island done on a walk, pegs to indicate I was hanging out washing, the clematis which is flowering so well and the little blue wrens that we call flying mice who inhabit all areas of the garden and then the fairy shoes I am making.
Still very hot and dry but not as bad yesterday as the weather bureau was predicting thank goodness.


freebird said...

Enjoyed your spread. I felt right at home with the cup and bead stuff! Sounds like you are quite busy which is what I think this spread being done over the whole week is so good for. A little a day adds up to so much more.

Birthdays and Christmas so close together makes it tough on gift giving. How about taking that sprayed paper idea to making some handmade books with it as covers for them? Mix up the paper so some is lined and some is good for drawing and painting. Glue a charm on the front to fit each giftee and you'd be set. If some are for kids add an envelope inside the cover with stickers to put on the pages. It's a busy time for me too. I've got to start on making my Christmas cards and knitting some slipper socks. So why did I just join in on an inchy exchange?

Gail P said...

I had this "odd" feeling when you started mentioning having a new printer! Yep, mine died last night so now I'm trying to figure out how to set up the new one. I do like my separate scanner so I doubt I'll use that on the new printer/scanner/copier. I love looking at journal spreads! I don't seem to get around to creating my own anymore.